Ventura Compressor Modernization Project

upgrading the infrastructure that provides safe, affordable, reliable energy across the central coast.

Being part of the Ventura community is something SoCalGas takes pride in, and we strive to be a good neighbor. As we continue delivering natural gas in a safe, reliable, and affordable manner, we remain committed to transparency with the community regarding the operation of our Ventura Compressor Station and the planned Modernization Project.

On August 24th, 2023, SoCalGas filed an Application for a Certificate for Public Convenience and Necessity (Application), including a Proponent’s Environmental Assessment (PEA) prepared pursuant to California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) General Order 177 for the proposed Ventura Compressor Station Modernization Project. The project proposed in the Application incorporates feedback we received from the community since 2021. Currently, the CPUC is reviewing the Application.

More information about the CPUC’s process can be found here.
Ventura Application Extension Letter
CPUC Authorization of Application Extension

In the application, we proposed installing a hybrid gas/electric compressor system located at the existing Ventura Compressor Station. The project described in our application to the CPUC will modernize the facility by replacing the three existing aging natural gas compressors with two new electric-driven compressors and two new natural gas compressors. Replacing the aging equipment will enhance reliability and improve local air quality by reducing permitted Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emissions by approximately 75% when compared to the existing compressor units at the facility today. The project is a critical upgrade that will help keep homes warm and the lights on in Ventura, and up and down the Central Coast. It will deliver affordable and reliable energy to critical facilities like schools, hospitals, and local industry and will support electric system reliability in Southern California. In addition, the project is needed to support the integrity of the integrated electric and gas system.

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Feasibility Study

We appreciate the thoughtful community comments that we received during our workshops and town hall meetings in 2022. We incorporated your feedback into our feasibility study of site location and equipment configuration alternatives. Our Modernization Project will now include two electric compressors and two natural gas compressors, compared to the originally planned project of four natural gas compressors. The community’s feedback, as well as the feasibility study with proposed Alternative Sites, was included in our CPCN application.

Links to the Feasibility Analysis completed in March 2022 are available on this page.

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