Natural Gas Vehicles for Fleets

Natural gas vehicles are a safe and economical choice for fleets.

Fleet owners looking for safe and economical fleet vehicles that can also reduce emissions should consider switching to natural gas vehicles (NGVs).   

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Benefits

CNG has several advantages over gasoline and diesel. It is:

When used as a motor fuel, renewable CNG is even more beneficial as it is carbon negative and can reduce NOx by 90% and greenhouse gases by 80%. 
Learn more about the benefits of natural gas vehicles.

Acquiring Natural Gas Vehicles

Fleet owners can acquire natural gas vehicles by:

  • Buying them directly from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Buying them used
  • Converting existing vehicles to run on CNG

Performance and Engine Life

NGVs often deliver similar horsepower ratings to their diesel and gasoline-powered counterparts. Natural gas has an octane rating of approximately 130, compared to 91 octane gasoline. Because of the cleaner burning attributes of natural gas, NGVs generally have longer engine life compared to most gasoline-powered vehicles.