SoCalGas & LA Kings

SoCalGas supports renewable energy and California's vision for a low carbon future.

As the nation's largest natural gas utility, delivering affordable, reliable, and clean natural gas service to over 21 million customers, SoCalGas is a leader in researching and developing new technologies that improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and keep bills affordable for customers. That's why we're working hard  to increase the production and use of renewable natural gas (RNG), or "biogas," derived from organic waste material. RNG is carbon neutral, fully compatible with existing pipeline infrastructure, and unlike wind and solar, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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Contact 811 Before You Dig

Avoid hazards and prevent pipeline damage by contacting underground service alert before you dig.

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    Underground Utility Pipelines Can Be Anywhere

    Underground utility pipelines can be located anywhere, including under streets, sidewalks and private property – sometimes just inches below the surface. Hitting one of these pipelines while digging, planting or doing demolition work can cause serious injury, property damage and loss of utility service.
    Whether you are planning to build a major development or just landscaping your yard, make sure to submit a request online or call 811*, a free service available to everyone. Representatives will coordinate with us and other utility owners in the area to mark the locations of buried utility-owned lines.


811 & Safety Tips for Your Home

Take the necessary steps to be safe and prevent accidents at your home.

811 & Safety Tips for Contractors & Excavators

Learn how to stay safe while working around natural gas piping.