Mobile Home Park and Residential Complex Operators

Sub-Meter Tenant Bill Calculator

SoCalGas® Bill Calculator allows you to calculate the monthly gas bill of an individual sub-metered tenant.

This tool is intended for use by Mobile Home Park operators or other Residential Complex operators who are served by SoCalGas on tariff schedules GS or GM and in addition provides sub-metered gas service to their tenants.

To use the calculator, you will need to answer a series of questions regarding your individual tenants. You will be required to provide the base data needed for completing the calculation including, but not limited to meter reads, dates, billing factors, climate zone and utility tax rates. If you have been billing your tenants through some other tool, you are probably already familiar with the required input fields and where to find this information. If you need assistance, however, please call 1-800-427-5776.

  • This calculator will be updated monthly with new pricing data.
  • Pricing data is also available for the prior 35 monthly billing periods.
  • It is important that you always use the most recent version of the calculator to ensure the current gas rates are applied.

By using this online tool, I acknowledge that the results are based upon the accuracy of the information that I enter. It is my responsibility to use the downloadable file for the intended purpose of generating a bill for sub-metered tenants based on an accurate meter reading and an accurate date. I also understand that it is my responsibility to visit the website every time I bill my tenants (at least monthly) to validate that I am using the most up-to-date file.

I am aware that making changes or modification to any of the formulas or macros contained within the spreadsheet will affect the accuracy of the calculations. I am advised to cross check the calculations with the authorized tariff documents on file with the California Public Utilities Commission.

If I have questions on my results or how to use this file, I should contact my billing representative at 1-800-427-5776.

Download the MHP Calculator

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