Mobile Home Park Owners


The California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) approved a voluntary statewide program that offers mobile home park owners the opportunity to voluntarily convert their privately-owned master-metered/ natural gas and/or electric systems to a new direct utility system.

Costs for installing new, direct natural gas service up to individual resident meters, as well as to each mobile home, are covered by the program and will be paid for by SoCalGas ratepayers.

“We expect our maintenance costs to decrease by over $6,000 per year...
Our costs for reading meters and billing for usage will be eliminated which will allow our onsite staff time to devote to other park activities.”

- Foothills Mobile Home Park Owner, Pomona, CA

Program Benefits for Mobile Home Park Owners

Enhanced safety and reliability

Approved Mobile home parks will get new, professionally installed, natural gas distribution systems that can enhance safety and reliability and give added confidence of a new system maintained by SoCalGas.

  • Peace of mind –Owners will no longer maintain privately owned distribution systems. Owners, or in some cases, residents, will continue to be responsible for maintaining house lines that run from the utility meter to the resident’s home.
  • Simplified management – Owners will no longer need to read utility meters, bill residents or respond to utility related questions or concerns.  
  • Minimal costs – MHP program funding covers the costs of installing utility service from the current master meter to each home.

What is Covered Under the Program

  • Natural gas and electric main and service distribution
  • All utility construction from master meter to permitted mobile home spaces
  • All utility construction from master meter to common use areas
  • Approved beyond-the-meter costs are reimbursed but may require up-front funding by the owners
  • Engineering, planning and routine permits
  • Advanced Meters

Mobile Home Park Owner Responsibilities

  • Maintaining and operating existing sub-metered system(s) until conversion to direct utility service
  • Obtaining cooperation from residents with customer sign up, construction notification etc.
  • Obtaining bids, hiring a qualified licensed contractor and funding beyond the meter natural gas construction work and providing up-front costs for beyond the meter work if payment assignment option is waived.
  • All environmental and cultural mitigation needed prior to conversion 
  • Additional equipment necessary to meet building code compliance, such as power supply cords, GFIs, smoke or Carbon Monoxide detectors, etc.
  • Acceptable abandonment of the legacy system 
  • All other responsibilities included in the executed standard program agreement between owner and SoCalGas.

Learn About the Program Process

From how to apply, to selection, through construction, to after conversion.    


Mobilehome Park Utility Conversion Program is funded by California utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). This program is subject to all decisions, resolutions, and orders of the CPUC, including Decision R.18-04-018, as well as any modifications by the CPUC, as the it may, from time to time, direct in the exercise of its jurisdiction.