Ventura Compressor Station Soil Remediation Project


Soil Remediation Project Overview

SoCalGas will be performing soil remediation work within the Ventura Compressor Station. The work entails the demolition of old office and warehouse buildings, construction of a new access ramp, and removal of contaminated soil associated with historical industrial uses on the site. The soil remediation work, while located at the compressor station, is a separate project from the proposed Ventura Compressor Modernization Project.

The activities outlined below are scheduled to begin on May 1, 2023 and are expected to extend through July 31, 2023, Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (dates and times subject to change) as part of the soil remediation work at the station. All work will be performed by certified contractors and inspectors in accordance with applicable regulations. These dates were selected in coordination with the Ventura United School District so that the soil remediation portion of the project would not begin until after Ventura Unified School District students are released for the summer break on June 15 and would be complete before they return to school in August.

Project Schedule

Dates are subject to change depending on weather and any unforeseen circumstances.

May 1-May 9: Office and Warehouse Building Demolition Work.

Removal of roof panels and steel framework. Debris from the demolition will be transported offsite for recycling/disposal.

May 8-May 26: Access Ramp Construction.

An asphalt paved access ramp will be constructed in the southwestern portion of the station. This ramp will allow trucks to carry contaminated soil offsite and enable the trucks to travel through commercial/industrial properties to Stanley Street to avoid travel past residential properties on or near Olive Street.

June 19-July 31: Soil Remediation Work.

This includes demolition of the building foundations (from buildings that were removed in May), asphalt pavement, and associated remaining parts of the buildings. Noise may be intermittently noticeable during this time; however, sound panels will be used to deflect noise away from nearby residential properties. Contaminated soil will be excavated and transported offsite for treatment and disposal. Clean soil will be imported from a local quarry to backfill the excavation.

Water spray will be used to control dust at all times during the demolition of the buildings, the construction of the ramp and the removal of the contaminated soil.

Reducing Community Impacts

SoCalGas has made efforts to reduce potential truck traffic associated with the soil mediation work by routing trucks away from Olive Street, however, residents and businesses in the area may see additional truck traffic, and personnel on-site during this scheduled work period. All company and construction vehicles will be parked within our Ventura Compressor Station property. Public parking will remain open for all residents and businesses.

All work conducted at the site, including air monitoring, will be completed in accordance with permits, plans, and applicable regulations imposed by the City of Ventura, California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), and Ventura County Air Pollution Control District (VCAPCD).

Customers with questions or concerns about the construction work may call SoCalGas’ Customer Contact Center 24-hours a day, seven-days a week at 800-427-2200. Your natural gas service should continue without interruption. If that changes, a SoCalGas representative will notify you.

To see how we are working to keep our natural gas pipeline system operating safely and reliably every day, visit us at

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