[H2] Blending

Developing a Clean Fuels Network

SoCalGas will begin to demonstrate how electrolytic hydrogen can be safely blended into existing natural gas infrastructures. We aim to help better understand how clean fuels like renewable hydrogen could be delivered at scale through California’s existing natural gas system, either to existing customers connected to the gas grid, or to generate clean electricity in zero-emissions fuel cells. This an important next step in establishing a statewide injection standard for renewable hydrogen that would promote California’s clean energy and resiliency goals. 

Hydrogen Blending

This demonstration project offers a real-world environment to better understand how clean fuel blends can be delivered to customers connected to the gas grid today. It can also help us assess how to more quickly deploy advanced technologies key to the state’s climate and clean air goals such as neighborhood micro-grids that promote reliability and resiliency.

How Does It Work?

The electrolyzer converts water into hydrogen for blending into the existing gas grid. The demonstration would power existing residential and light commercial equipment, including water heaters, boilers, and furnaces. The project would initially blend 5 percent hydrogen, with a goal of gradually increasing the hydrogen blend up to 20 percent, resulting in potentially significant CO2 emissions reductions. 

Hydrogen Blending Schematic

Why Study Hydrogen?

Renewable gases will be needed for a Clean Fuels Network:

  • Hydrogen
  • Renewable Natural Gas
  • Biosynthetic methane

Building future clean fuel networks starts with real-world testing and blending hydrogen into existing infrastructure today.

H2 Blending Opportunities:

A growing body of research shows a prominent role for green hydrogen in meeting California’s climate and clean air goals. Globally this clean fuel could supply as much as 25% of the energy world uses in 2050. According to our study, “The Role of Clean Fuels and Gas Infrastructure in Achieving California's Net-Zero Climate Goal” Clean fuels combined with electrification, carbon management, and technologies like fuel cells delivers the most affordable, resilient, and technologically proven path to full carbon neutrality.


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Hydrogen is an energy carrier that can be used to store, move and deliver energy.