How to Read a Natural Gas Meter

Learn how to read your natural gas meter to see how much natural gas you're using.

Reading your natural gas meter is one way to tell how much natural gas you're using each month. To accurately read your natural gas meter, follow the steps below:

  1. Read the dials left to right.
  2. If the hand is between two numbers, always select the lower number.
  3. When the hand is between "9" and "0," then "9" is considered the lower number.
  4. When the hand looks as though it is DIRECTLY on the number, look at the dial to the right. If the dial on the right has passed "0," use the number that the hand is on. If the dial on the right has not passed "0," use the number less than what the hand is on.

Example of a meter reading
The correct reading for this meter is 0310.

Remember to record the lower number if the dial is between two numbers. For this example, read from left to right.

  • The first dial is turning counterclockwise. It points between the "0" and the "1."
    Read this dial as "0."
  • The second dial is between "3" and "4." Read the lower number.
    Read this dial as "3."
  • The third dial is turning counterclockwise and is on the "1." Look at the fourth dial to see if it has passed "0." It is just past the "0."
    Read this dial as "1."
  • The fourth dial is turning clockwise and is between the "0" and the "1."
    Read this dial as "0."

Natural Gas Meter Accessibility

When necessary, Field Employees will attempt to obtain scheduled meter reads. If we can't access your meter because of vegetation, an unfriendly dog, or a locked gate, we'll have to estimate your bill.

We may contact you because of a locked gate when we need to work on the meter or survey the underground piping. In an emergency, we, or the fire department, may need safe access to shut off your meter. Please make sure the meter is easy to reach.

Meter Reading Dates

If you are an Advanced Meter Opt-Out customer, your natural gas meter will be read on or around the date listed.

Finding Your Cycle Number

We use a 21-day read cycle and your meter generally is read on a monthly cycle. To find your cycle number (a number from 1 to 21), see the sample natural gas bill below with the cycle number circled. You can find the cycle number under the Current Charges section on your natural gas bill and to the right of your meter number.

Sample Bill with Cycle Number:

Sample Bill with Cycle Number