The California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) approved a voluntary statewide program that offers mobile home park owners the opportunity to voluntarily convert their privately-owned natural gas and/or electric systems to a new direct utility owned-system.

Additional benefits for residents include access to technology that allows customers to monitor their energy usage, customer assistance programs, and energy efficiency rebates to help save energy and money. 

Program Benefits for Mobile Home Park Residents

  • Enhances safety and reliability – Residents will get new, professionally-installed natural gas systems that will enhance safety, reliability, and added confidence knowing that the natural gas system is maintained by SoCalGas, a company with more than 150 years of experience. Enhancements ensure quick and easy access to natural gas meters for SoCalGas maintenance, emergency crews and first responders, during an emergency.
  • New customer credit checks and fees waived – Upon transfer to direct utility service, SoCalGas will waive customer credit checks, service deposits and service establishment charges for residents.
  • Enhances customer service
    • SoCalGas’ Advanced Meter technology allows customers to monitor their energy usage to help set and achieve savings and conservation goals.
    • SoCalGas’ online and customer services available for energy-use questions or concerns.
    • As part of the service transfer process, residents can request SoCalGas service technicians perform a natural gas appliance safety check inside their home.
    • Income-qualified residents will have continued access to the California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE) 20 percent rate discount and Energy Savings Assistance Program no-cost weatherization services.
    • Qualified residents will also have continued access to the Medical Baseline Allowance which provides an additional natural gas allowance at the lowest rate for doctor-certified medical conditions.
    • Residents will be able to take advantage of SoCalGas’ energy efficiency rebates to save energy and money.

Construction Phase

As with all construction projects, there will be a level of temporary inconvenience that is difficult to determine however, the following should be expected: 

  • Prior to and during construction, the utility will work with the mobile home park owners/managers to inform residents of the work and coordinate construction.
  • Safety signs, digging, open trenches, noise, and dust
  • Construction vehicles/crews and staging areas for material and tools.
  • Temporary closures of areas of the mobile home park and main streets (traffic lane closure and rerouting).
  • Each home should expect two inspections resulting in two brief natural gas service interruptions.
    • The first is a pre-inspection by the “beyond the meter” contractor to identify any pressure leaks inside the homes.
    • The second is a local agency inspection to ensure that new natural gas house lines pass a pressure test and that the new electrical system passes a grounding and electric flow test.

Becoming a Customer

  • Residents don’t have to worry about any establishment fees, credit checks or deposit requirements. They are waived as part of the Utility Conversion Program.
  • Residents will need to call SoCalGas to become a natural gas customer.
  • Approximately three months after construction begins, residents will receive a door hanger or mail with instructions on how to call SoCalGas and set up your account.
  • When residents call to start an account, they will need to provide either a Social Security number or two of the following:
    • A State Issued Driver’s License
    • A State Issued Identification Card
    • A US Passport
    • A Credit or Debit Card with your photo
    • For additional acceptable forms of ID visit: SoCalGas:
  • Once the utility service is switched over to the new system, natural gas bills will come directly from SoCalGas. Residents will receive a final bill from the mobile home park for the natural gas used before the project began.

After Conversion

  • Once the mobile home park has been converted, residents will become direct customers of SoCalGas and will be individually billed at current residential customer rates. 
  • Residents will be eligible to participate in customer programs that may help them conserve energy and save money on their natural gas bill.


Mobilehome Park Utility Conversion Program is funded by California utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). This program is subject to all decisions, resolutions, and orders of the CPUC, including Decision R.18-04-018, as well as any modifications by the CPUC, as the it may, from time to time, direct in the exercise of its jurisdiction.